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Spraying Faster Than Manual Delivery

Our drones are designed to spray large areas of farmland with pesticides or fertilizers. Since a drone can cover an extraordinary amount of distance quickly, it is 40-50 times more efficient than manual spraying. Whichever way you look at it, that’s a bold, transformative step for the agricultural industry. A drone is smart enough to regulate its spraying depending on how fast it’s going, and has been designed to handle rough treatment and all weather conditions – great news for farmers.

Why Hawk?

A drone can cover 4,000-6,000 m² in just 10 minutes and hence can spray crops much faster than manual spraying.

A drone can be programmed to deliver spraying according to how fast it is going and adjust to the weather.

A drone is designed to handle rough treatment and harsh weather conditions to still effectively deliver its spray.


Wine Production

Wine Production

Using conventional and near-infrared aerial drone imagery, you will be able to detect weak spots in the vines caused by diseases much earlier than ground based monitoring.


Agri Monitoring

Catch weak areas & irrigation leaks in the field early on meaning your harvest could be substantially improved, increasing your overall yield.

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